Vikramasimha (2014) Full Movie Watch Online – Telugu Movie

Vikramasimha (2014) Full Movie Watch Online – Telugu Movie

A saga of revenge undertaken by a son for his father’s name and his kingdom.

The film is the story of a legendary warrior, Kochadaiiyaan (Rajinikanth), who lives in Kottaipati­nam and his son, Rana. Rishikodagan, the Maharaja of Kottaipatinam (Nassar) starts feeling jealous of his trusted army commander, Kochadaiiyaan’s popularity in his kingdom. One day, when Kochadaiiyaan is returning by ship to Kottaipati­nam with his army, after buying horses and ammunition, he is attacked by the army from Kalingpuri. Kochadaiiyaan allows the rival army­ men to return to their kingdom although he could have defeated and killed them. Before going back, the enemy army poisons the food on the ship, after consuming which Kochadaiiyaan’s armymen fall seriously ill. To save the lives of his men, Kochadaiiyaan goes to nearby Kalingpuri with the ailing men and pleads for medical help before Raja Mahendra(Jackie Shroff) of Kalingpuri. Instead of providing medical assistance, the evil Raja Mahendra takes away all the horses and ammunition of Kochadaiiyaan and holds back the sick army men with a promise to cure them and treat them well. When Kochadaiiyaan returns to Kottaipatinam, Maharaja Rishikodagan, jealous as he is, orders his execution, holding him guilty of letting down his army men. Even as inhabitants of Kottaipatinam express unhappiness over Maharaja Rishikodagan’s execution order, he goes ahead and has Kochadaiiyaan killed.

Movie: Vikramasimha (2014)

Director: Soundarya Rajinikanth

Writer: K.S. Ravikumar

Stars: Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone, Sarath Kumar, Jackie Shroff, Nasser, Aadhi, Shobana, Rukmini, Shanmugha Rajan,
Ramesh Khanna, Rob Oldfield…

Genres: Action | Adventure | History

Language: Telugu

English Subtitle: No

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Vikramasimha (2014) Telugu Full Movie Watch Online


Vikramasimha (2014) Telugu Movie Watch Online


Vikramasimha (2014) Telugu Movie Watch Online

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