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Veer Madakari Iss Sadi Ka (2009)

Veera Madakari’s director-actor Sudeep is well known for making successful remakes, especially from Telugu language box-office hits. Sudeep in the film casts himself in two different roles and has also given his voice to some songs. The film, as a remake of Vikramarkudu, successfully maintains the original script of its Telugu counterpart. [4]

The reviews of the film are favorable regarding the rendition of songs, choreography and the dual role of the protagonist but the film suffers because of its long duration and its sluggish pace in the first half of the movie. Sudeep excels more as an actor rather than a film director. Ragini as a debutante is imposing. [5]

The story of Veera Madakari revolves around Sathyaraj ( Sudeep), a lowly fraudster, who is in love with Neeraja (Ragini), a police officer Madakari(Sudeep), who is murdered by the villains, Babjee (Gopinath) and his son Munna (Arun Sagar). After Madakari’s death, Sathyaraj (his look-alike) takes over and does away with the villains in the small village of Devagarh terrorised by Babjee. Sudeep does justice to his dual role, so does Tennis Krishna. Dharma is impressive in the sentimental role. Camera work and the action scenes of the movie are worth commenting.
Movie: Veer Madakari Iss Sadi Ka (2009)

Director: Sudeep

Writers: Sudeep (screenplay), Vijayendra Prasad (story), V. Nagendra Prasad (lyricist), Vijayendra Prasad (story), Sridhar (lyricist)..

Stars: Sudeep, Ragini Dwivedi, Gopinath, Surya Narayan, Arun Sagar, Tennis Krishna, Doddanna, Dharma, Vanishree, Jarusha Durga Cristifer..

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Veer Madakari Iss Sadi Ka (2009) Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online

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