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A sorcerer (Narra Venkateshwara Rao) is after for a diamond that supposedly possesses magic powers. He wants to acquire to rule the world. A snake possesses with that diamond. Nagini (Prema) and her husband (Prabhakar) are nagadevathas in human form. Nagini husband has the diamond that the sorcerer is looking for. They meet on full moon day.

Vishwantham (Ranganath) is village head and his daughter Laxmi(Raasi) are worshipers of Nagini. Rahul (saikiran) is a soft-spoken and guy gets married to Laxmi. Now to get the human form Nagini has to kill some one to get her husband. So she decides to kill Rahul. How Laxmi rescues her husband and rescues the rest of the world is the rest of the story.

Viswanath (Ranganath) has married again as he did not get any child by his first wife. But the second wife dies after delivering a female child. Her name is Lakshmi. But the first wife of Viswanath remains adamant as to her relations with her husband. Her brother adds fuel to the fire. They together scheme to knock of the property by rendering Viswanath physically useless. It so happens that he suffers paralytic stroke after his wife played a drama to proclaim that Lakshmi is a cursed girl and if anybody marries her he will die soon.

Lakshmi, now grown-up into an attractive girl (Raasi) is a great devotee of Nagadevata. The local temple is the place to where Nagadevata and her male make visits on full moon day. And Nagadevata is said to leave a precious stone on the top of Sivalinga. A mantrika (Narra) wants to get hold of that stone, which he thinks gets him all powers in the world. The rest of the story puts these problems and also the problems of the Nagadevata, herself undergoing some curse, are played up alternately rendering it into an absorbing drama wasting no time for filth. It is interesting to watch the many computer graphics and also good performances especially of Narra, Ranganath, Raasi and Prema (in Nagadevata role). Sai Kiran also gets a brief but important role towards the end as one who marries Lakshmi.

Movie: Ek Vardaan Nagina (2005), Devi Abhayam (2005) “Original title”

Producer : Avutu Srinivas Reddy

Directior : Vijayasarathi, Bollimutha Nageswara Rao (dialogue)

Cast : Saikiran, Raasi, Prema, Kannada Prabhakar, Narra Venkateshwara Rao, Ranganath…

Genres: Thriller

Language: Hindi Dubbed

English Subtitle: No

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Ek Vardaan Nagina (2005) Hindi Dubbed Movie Watch Online

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