Company (2002) *BluRay* Full Movie watch Online

Company (2002)

The film highlights the economics behind running an Indian mafia organization. In the opening of the film, Ajay Devgan describes the modus operandi of underworld. He states “Despite anybody telling anything else, in this world everything is done for profit, so is this business. We don’t pay taxes, neither do we keep accounts; For this work is done by inducing fear. Anybody can join us anytime, but can never resign. Whoever breaks our law, is broken by us. Here friendship, respect or honesty, the only real reason behind all these is same thing — Profit”. During murder / extortion scenes following, Ajay Devgan adds “profit happens — like this, like this or like that”.

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Writer: Jaideep Sahni

Stars: Ajay Devgn, Mohanlal, Manisha Koirala

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Company (2002) *BluRay* Full Movie watch Online

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