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A perfect murder, A perfect crime, A perfect plan, A perfect revenge – Welcome to Bollywood Villa. The movie not only depicts the glory , glamor, magnitude attached to the Indian film industry but also manages to showcase the treacherous ,profiteering deceitful side of it. It is a suspense thriller, which centers around the inexplicable murders during the shooting of a film. The first day of the shooting begins with the death of the lead actor leaving everyone on the sets confused and traumatized. This is just the beginning. The movie unfolds into a series of murders from here on. Slowly , steadily the cast members fall prey to brutal and gruesome deaths. Along with everything on the sets going haywire even the police investigations fail to resolve the mystery. The sequence of events leaves everyone in high suspicion of each other. With everyone’s beliefs growing stronger on the idea of the villa being cursed, it is for you to choose to enter the villa or not?

Movie: Bollywood Villa (2014)

Director: Chandersen Singh

Stars: Sonam Arora, Arun Bakshi, Piyush Bhalodiya, Deepak Bhatia, Christie Bourcq, Liza Brown, Jenifer D’Soza, Ravi Gadariya…

Genres: Thriller

Language: Hindi

English Subtitle: No

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Bollywood Villa (2014) Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

Bollywood Villa (2014
Bollywood Villa (2014
Bollywood Villa (2014

Bollywood Villa (2014

Bollywood Villa (2014

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