Badhshala Full Nepali Movie Watch Online


Badhshala is a story of torture inside an army barrack (Bhairab Nath Gand) during the emergency period due to maoists insurgency. The story being based on the books like Adhyara 258 dinharu by Jitman Basnet, Manav Badhshala by Krishna KC and an anonymous article written by an anonymous Army shows an innocent teacher who is taken to Badshala -(meaning slaughter house in english) for accused of being a maoists, face the humiliation and his hope to go alive from the barrack dies eventually. The army batallion is shown to contain many detainees both innocent civilians and maoists cadres, who are forced to commit themselves of being maoists by signing a paper written by the army and are ultimately killed in a jungle.
Movie also depicts stubborness of a maoist cadre who refuse to give information about their shelter, the whereabouts of their party leaders and who does not even get afraid of being shot when he was taken to a jungle to show some demo live gun shots killing.

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Badhshala Full Nepali Movie Watch Online


Badhshala Full Nepali Movie Watch Online

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